Daphné Narcy

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Daphné Narcy is the creator of the Daphné Narcy Method®️, Holistic Hair Grow Massage®️ and the Green Ritual Green®️. The Daphné Narcy®️ Method is a holistic approach to hair care, focused on the well-being of the hair. Based on a unique massage and technique, it focuses on the scalp for optimum relaxation and enhanced benefits. This method today has 45 Worldwide ambassadors and is practiced by Daphné at the Hair Spa.
We are happy to provide support through talent management and development of partnerships. Find Daphné Narcy at www.daphnenarcy.com

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142 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
@holistik_rp – www.holistik-rp.com



Véréna DEYMIER : verena.deymier@holistik-rp.com