Sunday Natural

Creation of impactful content to grow visibility in France

SUNDAY NATURAL is a lifestyle brand that embodies the essence of wellness and simplicity. With a commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable practices, Sunday Natural curates a range of products designed to enhance the overall well-being of individuals. From premium supplements to mindful lifestyle essentials, each offering reflects a dedication to purity and authenticity. Embracing the rejuvenating spirit of Sundays, the brand encourages a harmonious balance between nature and modern living.


Inside Out was proud to create and organize the very first PR event in France to boost the visibility of the brand in French media. With the help of our partner Holistik RP, we created an experience for journalists to discover the brand in a meaningful way through a full day of experiences in a key location in Paris. 


Found Sunday Natural products on their website

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142 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
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